Welcome to my Philosophical Counselling web page

The use of philosophy for resolving our problems has been practised professionally in the United States and Europe for over thirty years, although its roots can be followed through history all the way back to ancient Greece.

There are times in your life when you feel an inner uneasiness or emptiness, when it is necessary to make a difficult decision, when it is unclear just what you want from life (or what life wants from you!), when you need to understand your place in this world, or find a meaning to what you are doing here. This philosophical practise is aimed at assisting healthy and rational people rather than individuals suffering from specific psychological problems.

Over two millennia ago Greek philosophers began to create tools to enable us to lead our lives in a fuller, more authentic and coherent way. Philosophical Counselling renews this tradition, offering these tools for the benefit and progress of individuals, institutions and companies.

Although my mother tongue is Catalan, I am a fluent English-speaker and am able to use this language to deal with any topic in a non-judgemental and philosophical framework. The contents of this web page are not available in English at present – if you wish for further information in English, do not hesitate to contact me directly at consulta@filo.cat

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